"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Me and My M&M's

ME & MY M & Ms

I have always liked M & M's

The most diverse multicultural integrated candy in the world.

You have your red ones, your yellow ones, your orange ones,

Your brown ones, and your green ones, (and the newest blue ones).

All in one package, all co-existing Together

One color doesn't think that it is superior to the other.

One color doesn't discriminate against the other.

All colors are the same size, shape and weight.

All colors look different on the outside,

But have the same ingredients on the inside.

M & M's all have the same flavor,

And they all taste G-o-o-d.

Not all M & M's are perfect though, some have Nuts!!!

Would it be nice if like M & M's our prejudices,

Melted into the abyss like chocolate melts in our mouth?

And all people were judged by what was inside,

Rather than the color you see on the outside???

If candy can be prejudice free WHY CAN'T WE???

Dr. Marilyn Kern-Foxworth

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Charlene E Perry0000-00-00
That is adorable and so deservingly true. I have been a part of the conversation regarding the pool and I appreciate all who read my posts and commented on them. I believe everyone should get all sides of a story so that when it is told to our children or loved ones we can tell the entire story. The comments I made regarding the pool were certainly not to blame anyone or point fingers because the people responsible for all the negative things that happened aren't on facebook, they're probably dead. I just wanted to share my side in its truest form. Now you may even know half of my family if you were a fireman on Loudoun Street unless that is your dad because I am certainly positive I have heard my brothers and cousins mention someone named JB. I love this M & M's story, I think it is great. I am also grateful to FB for having this page to look back on Leesburg's past. Through all the badness of the past we all were able to have a conversation about that pool in a calm way. In spite of the topic I think it was good for everyone to know what our past is so that we can move forward into our future... together. Its just too bad that David had to show his true colors as a reminder that predjudice still exists. It was hurtful that he called me a freeloader, but that is ok, he is forgiven. Just wish he was more like you. Thanks for the M & M's, JB. Feel free to share this with your FB friends (in Leesburg) if you'd like. Look forward to more sharing with everyone about Leesburg!