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Visit to the Fallen FF Memorial

The Pink Ribbon Tour 2008!!!!

What a visit at the National Fire Academy Fallen Firefighter's Memorial !!!

Staff, students, and special guest were treated to a unique and very special group of dedicated "individuals on a mission."

The Pink Ribbon Tour firetruck is a very SPECIFIC and UNIQUE fire truck!

Dave bought this pumper off of Craigslist for $12,000 of his own money!
Pink from front to rear, with pink seats, pink safety bars, pink hose, pink covers, and thousands of very special signatures of cancer SURVIVORS and members of families who have lost a cherished member to the teriible disease of breast cancer.

The idea is the brainstorm of Dave Graybill - a Glendale AZ firefighter who had a seven year career in professional baseball after graduation from Arizona State University. Dave and other men who are firefighters, EMS responders, police officers, and community members, are traveling across America to ask for YOUR support and that of your fellow responders and community. On Oct 25th, 26th, and 27th they ask that EVERYONE wear a pink ribbon or pink clothing to remind everyone of those who have lost the luxury of life, those who have battled and survived, and those who lost loved ones and/or fight to keep them alive.

Fire and law enforcement agencies all over America are bonding together and agreed to wear pink on these special dates. PLEASE join them andhelp those who deserve love and care from the terrible disaease - breast cancer. These MEN are suppoeting WOMEN all over the world in this fight. Stand up and be counted - women deserve our support just as our brothers deserve in battle against fire, accidents, crime, and keeping the peace worlwide.

Enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them and being with these great men.

They came out to Emmitsburg courtesy of DCFD Battalion Chief Mike Donlan after they were visiting DC Fire Dept & agreed to change their plans and stop by to visit.

Students in the classes attending the National Fire Academy and staff members enjoyed the story of the effort. They were accompianied by their newest member, Jasper; you will see her playfully enjoying tug of war and being an "attention getter" in her playful puppy way! She was adopted in Jasper, Texas at one of their travel breaks, where she was the last of a litter of free pups someone had to give away. Hey! Maybe a little bit of white shoe polish and leaving some parts as black dots she can pass as an Official Dalmation! Hmmmm......

Check out their website Http://www.pinkribbontour.com

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