"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Pie In The Face VI

The Sixth Annual Pie in the Face took place on Friday May 3, 2013 on the Town Green in Leesburg.

Town Manger John Wells, Assistant Town Manager Scott Parker, Councilman Kevin Wright, and Technology & Communications Chair J.B. Anderson each in turn stood their ground while the highest bidder took aim at their lovely faces with a fully loaded COOLWHIP delight pie! 

Check out the action below and enjoy the laughter!

Kevin Wright got his 6th in this series of fund raising madness but for the first time ever got to deliver a pie as well! TCC Chair J.B. Anderson got to be Kevin's fist home run with a powerful delivery laughing the entire time at his success!

All monies raised go directly to the funds for the 2 day marathon Race for the Cure Komen Breast Cancer Fund Drive. 

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