"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Recruit Class C Container Burn

The Prince William County Fire and Rescue Training Center has instituted a recruit level training segment that immerses the recruits in a 6 day class revolving not only around the chemistry of fire, but also the physics of fire behavior and control!
I had the opportunity to photo and videotape the exercise with a converted C- Container that denmonstrates Backdraft, flashover, and rollovers that currently only one of 2 such constructed units and in depth study in the country. Portland Oregon has the distinction of the other advaced training concept site.
Based on concepts developed by the Swedish fire service and extensively developed in the "Smoke Burns" concept of John Taylor from the UK - (his 1 & 2 day seminars are challenging for those with a mind to win the battle against fire), where the study of fire control through the chemistry and physics of fire behavior is developing into a strong case for controlling the fire with those concepts thereby reducing loss of lives and extensive property!!! 

The demonstrations along with the re-creation modeling concepts much like those of NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and other evidence currently shows that we may be "fighting the bear" with an antiquated game plan. Keep following the concept as more instruction and research shows a new path of the future in firefighting.

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