"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Skills USA FF National Championship

Craig Damron - Post Graduate - Monroe Technology Center
Firefighter EMT Program

He was the first post grad FF/EMT - in the first class at Monroe Technology Center. He was chosen by his classmates and instructors as the FF of the 1st Semester. He went on to participate in the Regional FF Skills USA hosted at MTC...traveled to Richmond, VA where with his 6 classmates competed against other students statewide for the State Title of #1 Firefighter. He was the only post grad...but to win a spot and go to the National Championships in Kansas City in June, he would have to be #1 or #2 in the State against everyone else!

When the day was done, Craig was #1 in the State!!!
#2 would represent Virginia as the High School student and Craig would represent Virginia in the post grad competition. Little did any of us know the challenge ahead!

The work out was brisk in a few days time. Learning the entire CPAT physical challenge was strenuous work but... for Craig it came naturally.

Spending a couple of days training Craig in CPAT skills, I watched proudly as he became better and better, and times became quicker to complete the physical challenges. Chief Kiser would spend another day with him as well working him just as hard. He was ready...

His classmates at graduation ceremony presented him with a leather New Yorker helmet they bought with their funds they had raised and the magnificant 6 students, Instructor Herlocker, and I all put our velcro PASS name tags on his the back side of helmet to take his "team" in spirit with him to Skills USA Nationals !

The results: Pictures say only part of the effort...competing against 9 other firefighters from around the US, all of whom were CAREER FF's, but took at least 1 college course to be eligible, and all of whom were 24-45 yrs old, Craig went through the written tests and the physical challenge with ease.

In the final count, Craig would be #6 nationwide!
His parents and brothers were there to cheer him on, [the jerks in Loudoun County Schools wouldn't allow me to go], and in the end the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue System, Ashburn Volunteer Fire Department where he is a well respected volunteer, his family and all of his MTC family - the Magnificent 6 students, and his instructors - all are PROUD of his efforts!

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