"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Why I didn't return to MTC

The below statements are opinions of mine and many other people, based on first hand knowledge, testimony of class students, their parents, and the school investigation. The results - accusations that were unfounded - but it was too late - my career, my job, my reputation, had been attacked - and a family of students that began as the best Monroe Tech Emergency Service family ever seen, bonded together to be even stronger (but minus 2 classmates) and proved to be the best they could be - as I had said they would be. They have supported me, made me feel to be an important part of their success, and the type of firefighter/EMT's that I KNOW I can trust on the streets.

The reason I didn't return to MTC for the 2008 class is complicated - almost to where you could make it a mini-series for television! It is a sad testimony to a school system that proves teachers have no rights, and a school system that can't manage or admit that they have made mistakes.
It started when, as their teacher, I gave the students the opportunity to learn management skills, leadership, teamwork, and family comraderie. I didn't want to be just a teacher in front of the class lecturing and preaching and expecting them to follow my every word with no question or input. BUT, that's NOT the environment the school system wants. 

Soon it began: a pre-meditated, engineered effort of 2 of the students to destroy me, the classmates, other instructors, and the course itself. When they didn't get their way, didn't like instructor decisions, couldn't act professional in the classroom, and disrespected almost every avenue of the class,  they decided to "get even," (as they told one set of parents), with everyone. It worked - they attacked me, other instructors, threatened their classmates, and basically jeopardized the reputation and future of the entire program.

When all was said and done - here is the reality of the facts: teachers have NO RIGHTS, my brave and matured students HAD NO RIGHTS, and only the 2 who had caused all the problems, had all the rights according to the school - [every effort seemed to be made to satisfy the constant threat of a lawsuit from the parents], and even though I had made some judgement errors in trusting the 2 students, the blame of some of the problems was unfairly pushed off on an assistant administrator in the school and myself. Because of that illogical blame, another great adminstrator in the school was lost - what a shame and a disgusting way to cover up the problems created by inefficiency and problematic issues that were not addressed by the school system administrators, the Superintendent of Schools, or the school Board. 

I had a fantastic mentor, Mrs. Goldman, who was there every step of the way to help guide me. But others who could have helped, apparently didn't. That is another sad part. Especially the lack of leadership support. I know that many would have jeopardized their own job had they spoken out or spoke the truth!

Now I find it difficult to listen, read, and watch the claim of "what a great job the Superintendent of Schools has done", his administration, and his staff. In fact, they have made false statements, lied both verbally and in writing, ignored talking to key persons that would have solidified the entire issue very quickly, and they could have prevented a sham of the process - but didn't!

It is NOT the administration of Loudoun County Schools that parents should thank and respect - IT IS, IN FACT, THE TEACHERS who successfully prepare our children for the future - not the administration or it's staff. TEACHERS are the people who build your children into the productive future of our great country.

New Teachers Beware -

FACT:  you have no rights, no guarantees - you are on a 1 yr contract for 3 yrs where ANY OTHER teacher already in the system can take your position from you.

You have no grievance rights until you are in your 4th year.
Its is a shame that so many empty spots exist in this County for teachers - and that so many GOOD teachers are lost because of the personnel services system that is flawed.

What is even worse?!
FACT: The Loudoun County School Board had a specific directive from the Commonwealth of Va. School Superintendent to ensure the issue was handled properly. BUT, the ONLY supporter was Board member Mrs. Sarah Smith, an extraordinary lady who stood tall and with strong conviction in her belief behind the teacher, the students and the program - while the rest of the School Board hid behind the issue.

In my opinion
, NONE of the current School Board members should have returned, [sadly, Mrs Smith did not run for re-election]. They have failed their responsibilities to the teachers, the students, and the parents of the students of Loudoun County schools.
And now, I wonder why the effort by the school to blackball me, and others.
It seems to fit the "black operations" of the system.
I've said enough for now - the truth will someday come back to hurt those that caused this - it is sad that they couldn't have learned from their friends and family.

Thank heavens for the Magnificent Seven (plus 2) that DID become successful survivors- they know who they are - and I am PROUD of them!!! And everyone else should be - they are a sign of the bright future - the other 2 are a just a dark cloud on the horizon to avoid.

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