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MTC FF/EMT Class of 2007

Welcome to the Monroe Technology Center
Firefighter / EMT Recruit Class of 2007!

The first year of FF/EMT is over!
We have new firefighter 1 students who are, as part of the Loudoun County Volunteer Fire Rescue system, can perform the functions of a firefighter 1 under the Code of Virginia limitations. They tested successfully under the Virginia Department of Fire Programs standards for Firefighter 1 and Hazardous Materials Operations, completed Bloodborne Pathogens/Infection Control class, a Wellness and fitness training class, and the New MexicoTechnolgy (NMT) Homeland Defense programs in Response to Terrorist Bombings and Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents.

2 of our students, 1 who will graduate from High School in June and continue in higher education and career pursuits, and 1 who is a post graduate will move on to what we hope will be a career in the fire rescue field of protection. Both won Scholarships from the Loudoun County IAFF - A fantastic gesture of faith and belief in these students.

Thank You Loudoun County IAFF!!!

BUT...the legacy they leave behind as the CHARTER MTC FF/EMT CLASS was the foundation stone cast of what should be the future in the Loudoun County Fire & Rescue system.

The photos of the training that the student/recruits perform to improve the proficiency that they must have to be Firefighters and EMT's.

It was both physically and mentally demanding - but they worked hard at being the best they could be! And since then have proven it!
7 FF/EMTs hard at work in Loudoun County Fire Rescue System
"The Magnificent 7"

w/Instructor Herlocker

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Peachey 0000-00-00
I love JB!!! our pics are amazing I DID THE MAZE i am soooo pround and i thank brett and the other guy whose name starts with a J but i cant remember ~T~
Lano 0000-00-00
Thank You JB for all your support and dedication to our class.