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Brickie & Trula Peach Page

Brickie" Peach was a Life Member in the Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad - but to me he was the born leader as the President.

I first worked as a team member with Brickie - he was a Deputy Sheriff with Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and served the community 24 hours a day as a Law Enforcement Officer and a Volunteer in the EMS system - That's real dedication - not much time to yourself, but he had a family that literally walked in his footsteps - from his wife Trula - to son David - to Daughter Kelly - they all stood tall in the world of EMS as EMT's, Shock Trauma Techs, and Paramedics.

"Brickie" was a great friend, and he and my grandfather "Big Jim" Anderson were long time buddies as well - it was not unusual to hear Brickie at night on his Sheriff's Dept car radio cross-talk to Fire Control where "Big Jim" would be sitting and hear the Police radios when Brickie would ride by the "Fire Control" building with a shout out "WAKE UP CONTRARY" (his nickname for "Big Jim").  But he was always loved and always there when you needed him to help, to ask for advice, or just to talk. We miss "Brickie"!
Trula Peach is another icon of LCVRS - her many years as an active member, auxiliary leader, in state competions, as a mother, wife, and as a friend to all.

Her loss was recognized by the Governor of Virginia who sent, via Senator Mark Herring to the Annual Squad Banquet in 2007, a proclamation for her dedicated service to the squad, Va State Association of Rescue Squads, as a Matron at the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, and her humanatarian efforts with foster children. 

And a new generation begins - Kelly's daughter - Brickie and Trula's Granddaughter Tasha - was a FF/EMT recruit at Monroe Technology in the 1st ever High School curriculum in Loudoun County. She is Firefighter 1 and now an EMT-B. Keeping the Peach tradition of being a part of the community they live in and serve!

And the legacy lives on...
Past EMT-ST  Daughter - Kelly
EMT Granddaughter - Tasha
Paramedic Son David

The pictures are from the surprise party at Station 13 - the way we want to remember him - smiling and being where he loved most - with his friends and his family.

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