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FF1 Spring 2007

The newest class of Firefighters from Loudoun County Fire Rescue was a HUGE class of 44 recruit volunteers from County Fire Rescue companies and 1 from Blue Ridge Co.8 (Clarke County).  It is almost over but 39 are finishing the tough schedule and have shown they deserve to test out for Firefighter 1 certification with the Va. Department of Fire Programs.

The photo albums will show many of the trials and challenges they faced - and the instructors who guided them through the maze of firefighter 1.  Lt. Robbie Dickinson, of the LCFR Training Division, was class coordinator and can stand proud for his efforts to have them prepared for their test and to go forth into the new family they are now a part of in the world of emergency services.

I was fortunate to be a part of the instructor corps and act as the VDFP Saferty Compliance Officer at the burns. The family day burns on June 9 and 10 were sucessful as family and friends were invited to witness how far these recruits have come since February.

Enjoy the photos...

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