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Special Events - 2006

2 Special Events are on line now.

The very special event of the "Clay Tincher Bone Marrow Clinic". I have always wanted to be a part of saving a life. When the opportunity presented itself, I called and arranged a special clinic for the possibility of having a new list of possible bone marrow donors. One of our Junior members, Clay Tincher fell victim before such clinics gave people around the world a chance to find someone who would be a match. It was in his honor, that we started this event.


As you read this, one of the special dedicated people who registered has been proven a match. She is undergoing the series of shots to increase bone marrow development/release and will next do a complete blood filter process that will remove bone marrow and that will then be given to the recipient. THIS AN AWESOME CHOICE to help someone else live. The highest respect anyone can give to a fellow human being.  I watch and wait for each new day until this is a complete success. 

Keep checking in here! More details will follow as the release of information allows. The important point is...someone will live! And that was the goal -

I only wish  Clay could have been the first recipient.

Another event was the Christmas celebration at Station 20 conducted by local churches for our hispanic neighbors. A huge success, many people came to "our (station) house" and enjoyed the true meaniong of the season. The pictures tell the story. Enjoy!

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