"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

LVFC Past Chiefs/Presidents/Aux. Presidents

The Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company was created as the Star Fire Company in the 1800's and the Chief was in charge of the entire Company. It was not until Incorporation that a President was elected and began the Company oversight and operations Aadministratively.

The new By-laws created would later reflect that "The Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company shall be comprised of one unit, which the President shall supervise in its operations"

[Many of the Chiefs prior to that have yet to be researched. That list will be updated as we find informational records. ]

Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company Chiefs/Presidents/Aux. Presidents:


Louis Atwell
H. Frye
L. Frye
Everett Athey
Howard Gill
Fritz Lawrence
Lester O. Moxley
Vic Myers
Dave McDonald
Tom Watson
John W. Fiske Jr.
"J.B." Anderson II
Robert Zoldos
Terry Frye
Thomas Downs
John Scafide
Tom Goss
Wayne Whetsell
Marty Mantell
Paul Earley
Ian Buchanan 


Dave McDonald
Howard Gill
Alfred Phillips
Claggett Moxley
Robert Zoldos
Frank Howard
Dan Gill
Jerry Smith
Rick DiZerega
Ron Kimrey
Howard Willis
Mike Fixx
Jim Clem
Bob Ellis
Ron Nicholas
Terry Frye
Gary Gaither
Brian DeQuintner
Richard Wolfe
Jim Fazekas

LVFC Auxiliary Presidents

The Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary was formed in July 1967 to provide support to the members that  responded to working incidents, provide a non-emergency group that worked to raise funds for the company to purchase equipment, and to help keep the volunteer system running in Leesburg.
They became "Associates" in the current By-laws but they still act as a working group that I will ALWAYS recognize as an Auxiliary - that IS THE title given by County FRGs to those groups of support members.
Below is the Presidents list - but remember, there are MANY more members that make this group of dedicated volunteers special - I am creating another page of photographic history - stay tuned...

LVFC Auxiliary Presidents

1967-68         Katherine Kidwell

1969              Rose Fiske

1970              Charlotte Watson

1971              Donna Frye

1972              Aloma Wines

1973-74         Donna Frye

1975              Hazel Tavenner

1976-78         Jill Anderson

1979              Debbie Downs

1980-81         Donna Frye

1982-83         Pat Jones

1984              Nancy Foglesong

1985-86         Jill Anderson

1987-1991     Bonnie Whetsell

1992-1993     Debbie Etter

1994              Karee Danner

1995              Debbie Etter

1996-98         Mary Louise Rusk

1999              Rose Fiske

2000-06        Jill Anderson

2007-09        Mary Lee / Robin Phillips

2009-present Jill Anderson  (Chair for aux)

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