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Marrow Clinic at Station 1


Keep Checking Back!!! A story of success is being made as you read this - One of our own has become a lifesaver - a bone marrow match! The process is over and all we wait for now is that it has saved a life!  

A Leesburg VFC FF wife was a participant in the first Clay Tincher Memorial Marrow Clinic.

She went throught the process of marrow transfer through blood transfusion extraction.

Immediately after the process the lifesaving marrow was flown overseas and the recipient has now gone home after a 30 day hospital stay after reciving his gift of life.

If all goes well, in a year the success will be fact and the information could be released if they recipient choses to do so.

Details will be posted as we get them!


  • A fellow firefighter, Shawn Mitchell in Fulton County, NC is in URGENT need of bone marrow to survive. He has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia.

  • We have a member whose young niece, who is in remission for now, but may need marrow in the future. And her DAD  is a Fire Chief in Pennsylvania!

  •  We lost a fellow firefighter within the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company 2 years before a national registry was created. Firefighter Clay Tincher was a Junior and Senior member in the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company. We lost him at the young age of 19.

 We held a marrow clinic on March 22, 2006 at Fire Station 1 in Clay's honor and to help others. 

34 people came in to stop by and sign up for the National Marrow Registry, which only took a few minutes and a few drops of blood. Even if someone doesn't  match anyone now, they may match someone in the future!!!

A chance to be a different kind of hero...

Give blood - give marrow - give life!
Go to http://marrow.org for more information on donating and sponsoring a clinic in your area.


A few of the pictures below tell the story...

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