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LVFC Tom Donohoe Award Recipients

Tom Donohoe Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

(See story of Tom Donohoe Award below)

Presented to members who have been selected for their extraordinary participation and and dedication to the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company over the span of their volunteer service.

2001 - John W. "Billy" Fiske

2002 - John W. Pumphrey

2003 - Tommy Downs

2004 - Rick Dizerega

2005 - Terry Frye

2006 - "J.B." Anderson

2007 Jill Anderson

2008 Pete Comanduras

Tom Donohoe

Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Donohoe was the oldest active member running in LVFC during the last half century. Joining the company in 1951, Tom served as a Vice President, Lt., Captain, and firefighter. Tom was the most dedicated member in our known history when it comes to meetings and attendance ? for almost 50 years Tom had a PERFECT MEETING ATTENDANCE record. When it came to call response, Tom was always in the top 5, could be depended upon to be at every carnival, bingo, fundraiser, and just about everything LVFC was doing  - TOM WAS ALWAYS THERE!

Tom never hesitated to just simply tell you like it was!

Tom was well noted for his safe and deliberate response going to calls as a pumper driver/operator. He was also known to come back at a much faster rate of speed though!!!

He served equally as well with the Leesburg Lions Club and is as much a legend there as he is here with Leesburg VFC. His dedication to the Leesburg Methodist Church was equally known to al. This all made Tom an icon of the community. It is he love for his family, his love for his community and his church, and for the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company and all of us, that the Leesburg VFC dedicates the Tom Donohoe Lifetime Achievement Award to those members who signify the same esteem, and legacy Tom established in his years with all of us.

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