"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

LVFC Legends Lost in 2007

We have lost many of our Company 1 family in recent years - our brothers, our friends, our teammates, and many of whom our newer members don't know - but we remember them here - Leesburg legends, heroes, friends, and brothers - REST IN PEACE - Protect the Heavens...

Mr. Stanley Reed - November 18, 2007
A member from 1935 until 1954, Stanley served the Leesburg VFC until he purchased the Slack Funeral Home next to the original Station-1 on Loudoun St SE with Lawrence Muse. It would become a landmark business in Leesburg as Muse and Reed Funeral Home, today known as Colonial Funeral Home.

Billy Leigh, past member of the Leesburg VFC, has now left as well to join others in the "Bighouse in the Sky."
Billy was the first FF I entered a structure fire with, and when his mask (the Old Scott I series - demand only -) began to leak, he handed me the nozzle and went out for a new mask - He said - "PUT THE FIRE OUT" - I did and later Chief Watson called me in the office and asked if I was with Billy. I said yes sir - (thinking I had done something wrong). He said - "Great Job!"
I can only thank Billy - he was a great fire instructor. He also convinced me to become a First Aid and CPR instructor in 1970 when I returned from military service. And I still teach CPR/AED/First Aid as an Instructor/Trainer and an EMT-B Instructor...
He was famous for his "handslap" game ability - many hands went home red and sore after a few rounds of the game - he was the best - he used to say I was the best he had ever faced! But again, I had a great teacher!
Billy was treated to a Firefighter Honor Guard and Service at the church and graveside - the 1929 Seagrave carried him to the cemetery and at the conclusion of graveside service, the 5x5 tollling of the bell and the last call siren was in his honor.
[Honor Guard: J.B. Anderson, Rick Dizerega, Jim Csizmadia]

We are saddened at the loss of another Auxiliary member -- Mrs. Yona Brady a long time member of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary, who passed away on August 20th in Leesburg.

Yona was Aurelia Bell's sister (another Aux member that we lost in May '07) and sister-in-law of the late Walter Bell, a Life member of Co.1, and Donna Frye & Jill Anderson's Great Aunt. She was active in many activities for Co. 1 for many years. She will be missed. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Another tragedy as we also have lost Mrs. Nancy Foglesong past President of the LVFC Auxiliary on July 4, 2007. She was an active member for many years and will be missed.

On May 15, 2007 we lost 

Mrs. Aurelia Bell - Charter Member of the LVFC Auxilliary
Her husband was Walter Bell - Walter was a past Life Member who we lost earlier. 
Daughters Donna Frye and Jill Anderson are also still active members of the LVFC Auxiliary. Son-in law David Frye is an inactive member and son-in-law Past Chief "J.B." Anderson is still active as Vice-President and PIO-1. 

On February 9, 2007 - Nelson Downs - Firefighter/Engineer/ Brother/Friend passed away. Nelson is brother to Past Chief Tommy Downs and Bonnie Whetsell, Past President of the LVFC Auxiliary (now inactive). Nelson was an active member in Leesburg VFC and will be missed by all of us who fought side by side against our worst enemy - fire.

From the early 70's - a Wednesday night house fire on Evergreen Mill Rd.- FF Nelson and I are manning a hose line during overhaul of a lost home...

You could always count on Nelson during his day work with the Town of Leesburg - the town supported our Company 100% - other town employees, like Dan Hyatt, David Frye, and more were always there when we needed people to get the apparatus out the door and firefighters on the scene...  weren't as many calls as today, but the Company always answered the call..
I miss Nelson, his streetsweeper, backhoe, truck and other vehicles of response to Station 1- take care of Heaven my brother - they have your knowledge and expertise now.

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