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Xmas Church Event at Sta 20 12/23/06



The Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company (LVFC)  participated in a very special holiday event. Teaming with a community of area congregations to provide an outreach event for the Latino communities around the Plaza Street NE area in Leesburg, Lt. Jim Fazekas of LVFC coordinated with the Leesburg Community Church (formerly Leesburg Baptist Church) and other local churches around Loudoun County, and a committee led by Theresa and Brian Folsom, who developed the event. Working with Beth LaRoch, who has done many such similar events, the Christmas Celebration emphasized the true meaning of Christmas for the residents in that area. As many as 300+ residents who received invitations, enjoyed a Christmas dinner, complete with music, a puppet show, and a visit from Santa (who brought a gift for every child). In the spirit of giving at his time of year, many local businesses provided the food and gifts for these members of our community.

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