"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

HOT Training

"I train on days I want to because my life depends on it!
I train on days I DON'T want to, because YOUR life depends in it."

Training is absolute - Firefighters Train every chance they can - there is no room for error or mistakes...it can be a costly mistake...evry run is an adventure but a risk as well...

The photos albums show our family of firefighters doing what they do best...their hearts and souls in battle against our enemy FIRE!

Putting it on the line is a daily routine - all we want is to come back home - JOB WELL DONE - EVERY OKAY!  and that means train, train, train as if lives depend on it - GUESS WHAT! It does!

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