"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

LVFC Deceased Members

The following are members of Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company who served their community proudly as members of Company 1 and now reside in the "BigHouse in the Sky" - watching over us every day - protecting us and guiding us through their wisdom and love."
Our Deceased Members:

"A.B." Titus

"Big Jim" James B. Anderson

A. Hanback

A. M. Adrian 

A.M. Kline

Alfred Phillips

Arthur Atwell

C. Keys

C. Moxley

C. Swain

C.F. Reed

C.W. "Bill" Fiske

Calvin Sisk

 Charlie Newton 

Charlie Thrower

Dave McDonald

Ed Beaver

F. Steadman

Fred Frank
Nelson Downs
G. Hughes

G. Newton 

G.E. Warner
Clay Tincher

Gordon Christensen

H. Downs

H. J. Frye

Harry Jenkins

Harry Newton
Jim Racey
Jimmy Shifflet

 Howard Gill  

 J.  H. "Jimmy" Tavenner

J. "Fritz" Lawrence

J. Adrian

J. Atwell

J. Howard Leigh

 J. Jackson

J.C. Fleming

Jim McIntosh

Joe Grehan

John C. Carr Jr.

Johnny Colbert

Joseph Haskins

Josh Lee

L. Cooksey

L. T. Frye

L. H. Frye

Louis Atwell

M. Atwell

M.E. Ball

Martin Kidwell

Matt Pulliam

Maurice Lowenbach

N. Virts

O. Cooksey

O. Frye

Oden Semones

Owen Hough

R. "Dickie" Burbank

R. Long


R.C. Warner

Stanley Reed

R.E. Bobby Edmondson

Bill Fleet

R.G. Steadman

T.W. "Tom" Donohoe

Vic Myers

W. A. "Billy" Herndon

W. Perry

W.R. Frye

Wilmer Lloyd

J.William "Billy" Leigh
Walter Bell
Hubert Welch

Everett Athey

Aurelia Bell - Aux
Nancy Foglesong - Aux
Yona Brady - Aux
Katherine Kidwell- Aux.
Mary Louise Rusk - Aux.

Wilda Dodds - Aux.

Kathleen "Picky" Downs - Aux.

 Jim Cushman - Assoc.

(more LVFC AUX/ASSOC to honor will follow soon.) 

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