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LVFC John C Carr Jr./FF of the Year Award

Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company Senior Firefighter of the Year Award

This Award was changed in 1997 to honor our firefighter brother -
Lt. John C. Carr Jr.

See the story of the John C Carr Award below AND...

 See the John Carr Memorial Page for more on John!

1976    J.B. Anderson II

1977    Tom Donohoe

1978    Currell Tiffany

1979    John W. Pumphrey

1980    Frank Howard

1981    Roy D. Ott

1982    Jim Clem

1983    Marc Timbrook

1984    Blair Forrester

1985    Robert Stakes

1986    Tommy Downs

1987    Pete Plasmier

1988    Dave Hunt

1989    Dale McGuire

1990    Terry Frye

1991    Robert Zoldos II

1992    Mark Wynkoop

1993    John Kobus

1994    Steve Linkous

1995    Anthony Hawthorne

1996    Wayne Whetsell

John C Carr Firefighter of the Year Award

1997    Bill Greene

1998    Roy Ott

1999    Marty Mantell

2000    D.J. Wimer

2001    Jimmy Csizmadia

2002    Steve Earley

2003    Jeff Ewing

2004    Chris Krueger

2005   Jim Fazekas

2006   Jim Cook

2007   Chip Mullen
2008   Pete Comanduras

        John C. Carr, Jr. Award

John C. Carr, Jr. followed in his father 's footsteps, LVFC Engineer "Buddy" Carr, for many years. From driving "big rig" tractor trailers to driving "big rig" fire trucks, John's favorite place was always the fire station. (Right after being home with his family!)

"Little John," as he was nicknamed, (we had "Big John" Pumphrey as well), served the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Era  (1968 - 1970), returning home to Leesburg and becoming an active member in both the Leesburg VFC and the Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad.

John married High School sweetheart Sandy and had 2 lovely girls. He became a Fairfax County Firefighter and began an exciting career in the Fire Service that would take him to the top in Fairfax when he was selected "Firefighter of the Year" in Fairfax County. John's reputation as an Adjunct Instructor with the Va. Department of Fire Programs (VDFP), his status in the Tactical Rescue Operations Team in Fairfax (TROT), his role as the first Sgt. appointed in LVFC, then elected Lt. in Leesburg VFC, would solidify his reputation as one of the best Firefighter, Tactical Operations specialist, and Truck Company technician in the entire region. John was loved by all - a great friend, a father, a brother, and most of all. a leader and mentor to all.

It is because of this legacy of John Carr that the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company was first to change the FF of the Year Award to the "John C. Carr Fire fighter of the Year Award" in his honor and memory.

Loudoun County Fire Rescue would then follow with the "John C. Carr Instructor Award" - a recognitionof the same Instuctor Leadership and extensive knowledge that John displayed.

LVFC is also proud to have Past Chief John W. Fiske and Past Chief "J. B." Anderson as 2 of the recipients of the "Loudoun County John C. Carr Instructor Award."

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