"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

History of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company

The history of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company dates back to 1827 - the first documentation found by the newspaper Loudoun Times Mirror - when the Leesburg Star Fire Company was formed.  As you search through the LVFC History section you will find the stories, the pictures, award winners, honored members, apparatus, past leaders, incidents old and new - strap on for a roller coaster ride that will have you laugh, wonder, cry, and smile.

Looking for Photos!!!

Do you have old photos or known history of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company - Co. 1 or the early 1800's bucket brigade ?Star Company? of Leesburg, Va.? If so, please contact me! I am working to complete a historical overview and looking for more information on our citizen protectors of the last two centuries.

With Frank Raflo's permission given to me, pages from Frank's book, Behind the Iron Gates, written by Frank, have been reproduced here and will give an overview of Leesburg VFC's proud history of protecting the Town of Leesburg and surrounding areas.

In 2007, Frank Raflo was awarded Honorary Membership to the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company for his writings and historical documnentation of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company over many decades. LVFC is proud of Frank and his many, many years of dedication and service to Leesburg and Loudoun County.


There are just too many photos in Co. 1 LVFC folders to identify each photographer for credit.

So, to make it easy... 

Credit Photos: (pick one)   :) 

"David C. Frye,     "J.B." Anderson,    Kelly Frye,    and/or    Et. Al.  ........"

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