"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Fairfax CityFF1/2 Structural Burn 2_21_09

It was a cold day to start - but 18 brave souls FF1/2 arrived and ready to tackle "THE BEAR!" 

Led by Capt Joe Schumacher and assisted by Asst. Chiefs, Capts, Lts. and Technicians from the Fairfax Fire Dept, the crews pulled hose lines, deployed ladders, set up for RIT, and much more all day.

My job as Va. Dept. of Fire Programs Safety Compliance Officer became a POC (piece of cake!) - they followed the procedures taught to them by the instructors, listenened to every safety note given, and fnished their first day with live fire ready to tackle the next step - more fire next week!

The photos are all random and and give the general feel of the day - many of the FF's are stars and the instructors and assistants stand tall as well.

Enjoy, and appreciate the effort they are putting forth - they are the volunteers of Fairfax City VFD - one of the bigger classes they have had. Dedicated and determined....

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