"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Poker Run - The Finale!


Sadly, the axe has fallen...

They won't happen...   :(

The powers of our local town government that be, have decided that the liabilty issues are too great for the Town of Leesburg to continue to allow the most historic fund raiser of the last 15 years!
The LPD Poker Run!

Poker Runs can no longer be conducted by our fantastic Leesburg Police Department.

Organized by the Motor Police Officers (MPO)  of Leesburg PD...Officers Bill Wolfe, Mark McCauley, and Jeff Van Gilder over the years - and supported by a HUGE number of volunteers of the Leesburg Police Support Team, officers of LPD, retired officers, law enforcement agencies from around the tri-state area, civilians, businesses, and many more has been held at the Leesburg PD office, Leesburg Fire Company Stations 1 & 20, and the National Guard Armory, and have raised thousands of dollers for the Virginia Special Olympics. 

It is a sad day I never thought would happen, but I now face another CISD moment - critical incident stress debriefing needs! How will I  survive not having this special event to look forward to and be a part of each year? How will I spend my time when I know it won't happen?!?!  It is going to a difficult day each year...only these photos, the memories, and friends will be around to help me get through the stress!!!   MEDIC!!!! 

Serioulsy, this a sad note to have to post - but to those who made it happen every year, those who took part in the ride and the fun...
Bless you all! 

There are many people who have better lives thanks to you ...God Bless You and
God Bless our great country, a country that allows these events and more to happen in our freedoms that the USA enjoys!

Stay safe when you ride...and thank you!

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