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LCHS vs Fauquier HS / Nov 6 1964


The article below, the excerpts from the souvenir program from Fauquier High School, and the photos are proud moments in LCHS Football History. This is the story of the 1964 LCHS Raiders - a season of 3 victories and 6 defeats. But the most important season component was a team that never gave up - with Coaches who believed in us, and fans that made the trip on the buses to support their Raider Football Team! Enjoy - I know I won't ever forget the game, my teammates, and the thrill of victory! 

Headline: Loudoun Times Mirror

 November 12, 1964:

Raiders Shock Fauquier County 

 27-19 in Games' Closing Minutes

WARRENTON, Nov. 6 - - The Loudoun County Raiders threw a Fauquier County crowd into a shock Friday night as they smashed out 20 points in the last minutes against the Falcons and pulled a 27-19 win out of what looked like a sure loss.

The game would have to be classified as the most exciting of the 1964 Northwestern League grid season and will go into the records as one of the best games-ever played by a Raider squad, not withstanding a mediocre first half.

The Raiders were working under a 19-7 deficit as the final minutes of the fourth quarter ticked away when they came alive in a style that would rival that of any squad and would put many a top-rated high school to shame for exhibition of  pure determination.

With 5 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock, and the ball in possession of a fired up Fauquier County team.  Loudoun County guard Ed Batterson recovered a Falcon fumble on the hosts'  36 to set up the first of a series of astounding  score by the locals.

Danny Furr, a late comer at the quarterback spot for the Raiders, fired a pass to Archie Moore in the left flat that, combined with a face-mask penalty called against the Falcons, moved the ball to the Falcon 14.

Set up with a first down on that play, Furr fell back to pass again, was rushed hard, and ran out of the pocket to pick up five yards to the Falcon nine yard line. He then cooked up the same pass pattern to Moore into the flat and Moore went in for the score to make it 19-13.

"J. B." Anderson's point-after kick was partially blocked on the line and fell wide.

The Raiders, running short on time, tried an on-side kick-off which went long and wound up on the Falcon 35 where it went out of bounds.

With a minute and 29 seconds to play, Fauquier halfback Dave Meadows  tried to buck the line and  was  hit hard by a host of County  linemen. The net result was that Meadows dropped the pigskin and County end Chris Keen pounced on it, giving the Raiders the biggest break of their season.

Furr came back into the game to direct the Raiders' last-ditch effort. On first down, he handed off to his big fullback, Frank Pearson, who crashed to the 27. Furr then swung around his own left end whipped another flat pass to Moore that moved the ball to the 21. Pearson took the ball on the next play and went to the Fauquier 11, for a first down carrying half the Falcon line with him.

Halfback Roland Baltimore handled the chores on the next play, grinding his way to the nine.

Furr then threw a pass to end Bob Hummer in the end-zone that sailed over the receiver's head. On third down, Furr tried to pass but was rushed and ran the ball to the six.

The Raiders' outstanding efforts finally paid off on fourth down as Furr fired a perfect strike to Keen all alone in the end-zone to tie the game up at 19-19. The task of winning the ball game was given to "J. B." Anderson, the Raiders' point-after kicker.

Anderson rose to the occasion with a kick that not only split the uprights, but sailed out of the park, giving the Raiders a 20-19 edge with 18 seconds showing on the clock.

The Raiders- kicked off to Fauquier as the clock moved inside the 15 second mark. The ball was returned to the 49 as the Falcons tried -to come up with a score of any variety that might take back the game.

Edwards kept the ball on first down, trying to go up the middle, but was creamed at the line of scrimmage.

The next play by the Falcons would  have  to go down as the misplay of all misplays and will probably be fondly remembered by Loudoun County defensive end Tommy Lee for years to come.

Edwards took the pass from center and wheeled to throw a swing pass to Meadows, who was drifting toward his own right side-line.

Meadows appeared to slip for second as the ball was thrown and Lee, who was rushing the passer, reached up, intercepted the ball and went 45 yards for a touchdown as the clock ran out to the end the game!

Pandemonium broke loose at this point and it took the referees several minutes to clear the field for the point-after attempt by Anderson. The kicker again split the uprights and the final score read 27-19 in favor of a Loudoun County team that would not give up.

Frank Pearson, who scored the Raiders first touchdown in the third quarter, churned out the top yardage for the locals, picking up 77 yards in 21 carries.

Pearson put County on the score-board early in the third frame on a two yard plunge that capped a 36 yard drive after Fauquier had punted from their own four yard line. Fauquier's punt, though, was a result of the finest defensive series of the game. The Raiders had taken the opening kick-off of the second quarter and Roland Baltimore turned in a startling runback, going from his own 20 to the Fauquier 40 before finally being brought down on a shirt-tail tackle by the last defender between him and paydirt.

From there, the Raiders mounted a drive that stalled when they reached the Fauquier one yard line. Fauquier took over at that point, but could not move the ball and had to punt it out, setting up the Raiders' following score. Fauquier dominated the first half, scoring early in the first quarter and again in the second frame while holding the Raiders to minimal yardage.

Their first tally came after County had fumbled on the Falcons' 48 yard line. They took only eight plays to score, with an eight yard pass from Edwards to Jeff Feurst turning the trick. The P. A.T. was no good.

They scored again in the second quarter after driving 87 yards in 17 plays, all of it except the touchdown play coming on the ground.

The scoring play here was a 20 yard pass from Edwards to Meadows who had two defenders breathing down his neck, but pulled off a fine catch to complete the play in the right corner. The run for the extra point by Edwards was good.

Fauquiers' final score, in the fourth quarter before they were smothered by the Raiders, came when Meadows intercepted a Furr pass and ran it back 55 yards down his own right sideline for a touchdown.

It was on this play that the only serious injury of the game occurred. Falcon halfback Jim Mabe threw a block for Edwards that cleared out County's Paul Tobler and Richard Peeler, but injured his back while doing so. He was taken to the Fauquier County Hospital where he was X-Rayed and later released.

The Raiders rushed for 109 yards and passed for 74 while picking up 10 first downs for their third straight win.

Fauquier ground out 104 yards ont the turf and 88 in the air for 11 first downs. Jeff Feurst was the Falcon big ground gun, picking up 51 yards while Meadows went for 27 not including his 55 wards on the interception.

LOUDOUN COUNTY    0   0    7   20   -- 27

FAUQUIER COUNTY   6    7    0     6   --19

Loudoun County fullback Frank Pearson (70) piles over the goal-line behind Roland Baltimore's effective blocking to post the Raiders first score against Fauquier County in the 3rd quarter Friday night. The Raiders went on to pull out a 27-19 win as they slammed across 20 points in the final minutes of the game!

[This is the front cover of the Fauquier HS  Game Program that night - little did they know that poking fun at a place kicker would be their downfall - and that the mighty Raiders football team would lead that effort! ]

and the roster of the Mighty Raiders inside the program...

This was our season record -
but doesn't show what it really meant to all of us...!

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