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Class of '66 40yr Reunion Dinner

The Wild and the Wonderful LCHS Class of 1966 Reunion!
Well, maybe not so wild - but DEFINITELY wonderful!!!

Thanks to Billy and Judy F. we had an envigorating appetizer get together at Beautiful South in Hamilton on Friday night, followed by our dinner (awesome meal prepared by the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary) / dance (music spun by DJ Delaney Kitts) Saturday evening, and a HogWild BBQ picninc on Sunday. Enjoy the pictures! If you need the hi-res version, email me the photo id and I will ship them to you! (They are larger files - approx 2mb)

I certainly enjoyed the whole weekend - but I also missed many of you who could not make it - so the pictures are here for you to view, reminisce, remember, and enjoy!

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Page Comments

judy fisher 0000-00-00
JB - Great Job and thanks so much for allowing everyone to "be a part of the reunion" even if they were not there.
maryjane rayhart 0000-00-00
JB - Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Everyone had such a great time. The only complaint was that the time slipped by too quickly. We sure missed those who couldn't attend and look forward to seeing them next time. Once again Judy made sure everything was perfect!!!