"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company - 1/20

My time with the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company began in 1966 when Junior Firefighters weren't quite legitimate - it consisted of going to the fire station where my grandfather "Big Jim" Anderson had been a member for over 36 years...but there were only 25 slots for members and NO Juniors!

It was only if there was room on a call that I could "borrow" someone's equipment to ride who didn't respond to the station and just get to be a gopher on the scene! But in September Fire School started - back then it was 120 hr
General Firemanship and 60hr Advanced Firemanship - I took both at the same time!!! General FF in Loudoun and Advanced FF in Fairfax County! Talk about one tired but excited rookie! People like Sonny Flynn, Bob Morrell, Dickie Burbank, and others were the "instructors" we all learned from!

Interrupted by 4 years with the U.S. Air Force (Vietnam Era) as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist & a special assignment as a Communications Specialist, I finally came back home in 1970 to STILL wait for a spot in that 25 member group - but at least they had Juniors now - with me running as a 22 yr old Junior until Walter Bell retired from the company, and went inactive. I was voted in as a new Senior FF and so began a ride for life... I had no idea that 4 years later Walter Bell would become my father-in-law!

Teaching my class as a Boy Scout Firemanship Merit Badge Counselor!
2  of these Scouts would later join Co.1
Do you know which 2?
Hint: Nicknames were "Guardrail" and "Yogi Bear"!

Back Row - middle - Asst Engineer GUARD RAIL!!! Jackie Orrison!
Front Row - #7 of 8 - President YOGI!!! Bobby Ellis!

Even Asst Chief's get to have fun!
Operating a Wagon 1 deck gun on a House Fire in Carrvale Subdivision NE

36 years later...and the 2006 Annual Installation of Officers Banquet -
A special treat [and a huge WELL DONE!] from a special group of  ladies at our station who put together our banquet and then provided us pictures of that evening -
this one with the lady of my life - Jill - who has spent as many years with Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company as I have...serving as President, Vice President, and Treasurer in the Auxiliary over the years.

Even if Loudoun County Fire Rescue and the County of Loudoun
REFUSE to acknowledge any of the company auxiliaries ladies with the benefits they deserved for all the years service - they just started doing so a couple of years ago...! Loudoun County has shafted the Auxiliary units all over Loudoun County...
they often serve more that many of the less active volunteers
but got no credit for their time!
Typical in the past Board of Supervisors and the past County Administrator (after Phil Bolen left - he was the BEST - Phil was respectful of all.)

So much for Volunteer Support...

...and in 2007 serving as Vice President has been another step in the history of LVFC - more re-structure in the Company, the exciting prospect of a new Station 1 (same location), and the sadness of losing a prime historical tradition - red over white apparatus dating back to 1968 - and going to Black over Red - (YUK! - it's just my opinion [which I am entitled to] but I bet many of are past members are heartbroken or looking down on us with shock! )
This isn't Chicago and it doesn't even look good as far as I am concerned... but votes are votes - even when people don't realize how important tradition is in the fire service. Maybe someday they will realize and go back to a respected tradition.
It's one thing to change for safety reasons, or effectiveness or efficiency reasons, but this does none of that... and certainly NOT a tradition!   
Click here & check out the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company portion of this website - it is the defining history I have developed that will set the stage for the long time volunteer history of LVFC...

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