"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

All About - JB and his life

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. "
                  [Will Rogers]

  • Growing up in Leesburg, VA was an experience!

  • From the days of old Leesburg Elementary (7yrs. of elementary school (no kindergarten!) - No middle school in those days...

  • and then 5 years at Loudoun County High School! (LCHS Class of "66).  Still adds up to 12 years!

  • Going into the U.S. Air Force in 1966 during the Vietnam War era as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist...

  • Coming home to go to college... NVCC Annandale Campus - 2 A.A.S. degrees - Electronics Technology and Fire Science Management!

  • Going to work at C&P Telephone Co. as a Radar Technician in Leesburg at the FAA Center...and then sadly leaving a GREAT group of people to go to work in...

  • Loudoun County as a Fire Marshal with Chief O.R. Dube'(aka "The Boss")...serving as a Fire Marshal, Public Education and Information Specialist, working Commmunications, Plans Review, Inspections, Investigations, Publlic Education, Public Information, filling in for Career staff in the field, Haz Mat team (level 2A), and running fire/ems calls all over Loudoun! After 14+ years, forced out by(opinion), a jerk Director of F/R (who finally left under shadowy circumstances) - (a positive benefit for LCFR) and the County Administrator (who doesn't have the courage to face me)...

  • Leaving Loudoun County to work as a Drug Task Force Coordinator in Leesburg assigned to a Federal grant at Loudoun House Apts....working with local Leesburg Police, Sheriff's Office, State Police, Federal agencies, and County Agencies to work on eliminating the problems of the drug targeted area and improve the quality and environment of the residents...there were many great people in that complex who were wrongly tagged as a problem - it was actually ignorant people creating the environment that came into the complex and area to try and infect the region with their stupidity indrugs, sex, and gambling...the Coalition improved the complex, improved quality of the environment, and found new life for themselves away from those stupid visitors interjections. Great job team...!  

  • Becoming a "SME" [subject matter expert]  (so they say) in Consequence Management & Counter Terrorism with:

  • RPI/BTG/Titan - the first 2 years with the Domestic Preparedness Program (DPP)[ http://www.defenselink.mil/pubs/domestic/ ]  training the 120 Largest cities in the U.S. and the Green Team of Michele B., Mike K., Rob S., John P., - plus many more special people...especially Rey Madura and Bob and Marianne F.! 

  • Then to the Center for National Response (CNR) http://centerfornationalresponse.com  working with a GREAT team of specialists and trainers who were not only teammates but friends as well... (especially Command Sgt Major Mel Wick (ret.) / an ORIGINAL Delta Ranger!!!) - the creator and leader of the group!)

  • READI - Response to Emergencies and Disasters Institute http://www.readi.gwu.edu - at George Washington University - since 2004 providing 1st Responder Training for the National Capitol Region - Chief Paul Maniscalco (ret.), and Dr. Paul Kim, got us started and who guided us into the exceptional training accomplishments that recently concluded under Steve Hood, Director with 10,004 students over 2 years completing the Homeland Defense/ODP curriculums preparing our region to defend and respond to terrorist events.  We had a great staff and team - but as fate has it, the new funding to continue the efforts focuses on different components now. 

  • I worked for 6 months on National EMS Preparedness Initiative (NEMSPI) - w/ Chief Gregg Lord - and many other specialists developing an online interactive video training system for EMT's and Paramedics that will allow them to act as they would in a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)response and interact with virtual patients affected by the attack -  It will be an awesome training mechanism for our first responders nationwide! But I moved on when the funding ran out to...

  • Being a teacher at Monroe Technology Center in Leesburg for the first ever High School FF/EMT class in Loudoun. The story of a great group of FF/EMT Recruits who will set the stage for Loudoun County's future as volunteers. Read about the "Magnificent 7" of MTC!

  • I still spend much of my time working for the Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) - P/T - It keeps me busy! Division Chief Melvin has Division 7 - that encompasses Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Arlington, and Alexandria. And occasionally I still go to other regions around the state for other VDFP Divisions.

  • And umpiring for PVOA slow pitch softball, National Pony League Fast Pitch Softball, and VHSL High School Girls Fast Pitch Softball (Awesome fun!)

  • But I left the field of teaching after being royally shafted by the Administration of the the so-called "Excellent Education System in Loudoun". In my opinion, there is no doubt in my mind, THAT IT IS THE TEACHERS that make Loudoun County a prime source of quality education. It certainly IS NOT the Superintendent of Schools, or the School Board, or the Administration.

The only pride on the Loudoun School Board was Mrs. Sarah Smith - whose integrity, intelligence, and guts to stand up for teachers and students and her true support was a characteristic no one else possessed. It was a great loss when Loudoun lost her to retirement this past Dec 31st, 2007. She was one of a kind! Thank you Mrs. Smith for your dedicated service to Loudoun Students and their parents!

READ MORE: The story...

  • For 8 months, I worked for the Department of Homeland Security / FEMA / U.S. Fire Administration - assigned to the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg , Md. where I was a Training Specialist. I worked in the Leadership and Community Risk Reduction Branch and am the Program manager for Fire Prevention-Technical. Essentially if it had to do with a building, it's fire suppression or fire alarm systems, plans review, inspections, or emergency operations considerations, well....it was my part to manage the curriculums, the instructors & classes, and create & update existing and new programs. The staff was fantastic and the team is awesome - it's easy to see why the National Fire Academy has the reputation for excellence in curriculums and instructors - and considered by many of the students as the best in the country! BUT - The NFA is moving away from training those who need the most out of the opportunities they have...the firefighters and Junior Officers - the NFA is moving in a dangerous direction!!! The fact that most of the courses you currently see as available on campus WILL NO LONGER BE HELD AT THE NFA!!! The decision to move NFA education to a higher level, i.e. Command Level for those who are moving toward a Masters or PHD level of education will be the focal point. The only remaining classes will be oriented toward the Executive Fire Officer program. All the efforts of previous classes and those being developed below that level will be pushed OFF CAMPUS and left to local and regional agency sponsorship that will mandate that the STUDENTS and the AGENCIES absorb all the costs, - housing, meals, and more - the only way you receive a NFA certificate is to use the NFA instructors (they do pay for that)! After it is moved off campus, all further development and admisinstration of the curriculum updates will be in the hands of the local provider agencies! Sadly, the NFA is NOT what it used to be - for EVERYONE to attend! 

  • With the thought of possible retirement in only 9 months, I am still looking to continue another 5-6 years of full-time work...I'm not sure if I could handle that style of life yet - so for now, teaching in the fire service realm and umpiring softball will be the focal point. Hey! Both pay really well and good exercise!

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