"You don't know where you are going, if you don't know where you came from, and how you got to where you are!" JB 3:16, 9/99

Brian Matthew Anderson

Brian is a LCHS GRADUATE!!! 

His new focus is his 1st 2 years at NVCC in a guided curriculum to move him to James Madison University for his final 2 years then into further computer technology and cyber security...maintaining honor roll status and his love of his new job at Best Buy keep him hopping and moving on ...

Our youngest son is Brian Matthew - graduated from J.Lupton Simpson Middle School as an Honor Roll student!!! He headed to Loudoun County High School in September of 2008 for the LCHS Class of 2012. We're not sure what he will head to in college - probably XBox or Pokemon' University or Wii University - something in that realm we are thinking.

Brian spends a lot of time working on the technological defeats of the mortal video game world of challenges.
Keeps his hand/eye coordination skills, thought processes, and brain energy at a high level! 

Brian is currently a Senior at Loudoun County High School...

His freshmen year brought honor roll, new experiences, and a freshmen football experience - GO RAIDERS!
We were proud to watch #66 as his FIRST experience at football was an exciting one!
Dad volunteered to help announce the press booth for the freshmen games -
BUT during the halftime of the first game, he was asked "Are you doing JV as well?"
When no one showed up to help with the freshmen game and no one showed up for the JV game, Dad had a new LCHS experience- Calling the Freshmen AND JV games for the whole season!!!
Awesome - I LOVED it!!

Brain LOVED being a nose guard or tackle on defense!!!
Brian says he got to run over and knock down people and get the guy with the ball!  How much more fun can there be than that!

I enjoyed the excitement at Raiders field again - and memories of when I played with some great classmates and had fantastic coaches!

Brian has a huge focus on Guitar and loves his teachers...

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