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MARS Radio

Military Affiliate Radio System

Pease Air Force Base 

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

As part of the US Air Force:
Strategic Air Command
509th Bomb Wing - 41st MMS

I spent 3 years as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist (AFSC 46350), I became quickly active with the MARS Radio System at the base. During Project Arc Light, part of the Vietnam Conflict, I remained stateside every 179 days the 509th BW deployed to Guam, Okinawa, Thailand, Vietnam. I worked the AG1AT site to provide East Coast traffic network, RTTY connections, and phone patch calls to loved ones at home.   

The Air Force installed stacked dual beams on 20 and stacked dual beams 15 meters
as well as other HF antennas. 

Sgt Al Atkocious and I were the USAF operators and we had several civilian hams as well. 
We conducted an on base course and turned 7 CB operators (aka "kiddie banders") into fully certified HAMS with General licenses! 

Admiral Bob Garder, retired, (now a silent key) maintained the over sight of the station - despite his 90% blindness was a VERY ACTIVE operator - 

  • 3 Operating positions included 2 complete Collins Radio Systems including 1 KW linears 
  • 1 Complete Drake Radio Systems with T4 and R4 Xmtr/Rcvr and 1 KW linear
  • 1 RTTY system complete

The photos are from that past...

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